Why study in Canada?

Many international students prefer to study in Canada. There are plenty of benefits to studying in Canada, ranging from world-class education to a path to permanent residence. Canada, as a study destination, has been prioritized by students who want to study abroad.  There are numerous reasons that Canada is a wonderful country to study for international students.

World-class Education System

The excellent education system in Canada has become appealing to international students.  A student’s degree from a Canadian university is highly valued and serves as an emblem of trust and excellence. Around 5, 00,000 international students study in Canada, making it a popular study destination to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs. The country carries the reputation of providing a world-class education with an exclusive study environment, student activities, infrastructure, and facilities. You’ll be able to choose from more than 8,000 colleges and 16,000 university programs.[2] 7 Canadian universities are ranked among the top 200 in the world.[3]

Best Universities in Canada for International Students

Acadia University

Brock University

Fairleigh Dickinson University Canada

Cape Breton University

Nipissing University

Royal Roads University

University of the Fraser Valley

University Canada West – GUS

Vancouver Island University

Centennial College

Algonquin College

Durham College

Standard living

You can enjoy a high standard of living in Canada. International students benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadians: respect for human rights, equality, diversity, and a stable, peaceful society. Canada ranks in third place globally for the best quality of life. It’s a fantastic place to work and live

A diverse and inclusive environment

You can enjoy diverse cultures, landscapes, and wildlife in Canada. In Canada, there are more than 250 ethnic origins along with 200 languages from around the world and 70 Indigenous languages spoken.

Work study options

In Canada, you can have work opportunities to help pay for your education. Many programs also offer co-op work placements or internships to get practical experience while you study. Most international students are eligible to work during their studies and can get a Post-Graduation Work Permit after their studies.

A long-term return on your investment

Canadian qualifications greatly help you build your career. Whether you decide to stay in Canada or bet back to your home country, your Canadian degree will help you get shortlisted in the job market. A recent study shows that 60% of international students who were employed during their period of study or after graduation got settled in Canada.

Abundant Research Opportunities

International students get a lot of opportunities to engage in research in medicine, biology, and physiology, according to the National Research Council. They can work under the tutelage of various professors and scientists in their pertinent fields. This advantage lies in the fact that the industry collaborates with universities to promote greater research and development.

Post Work Permit Opportunity

The advantage of studying in Canada for International students is obtaining a post-graduation work permit program that allows students to stay and work in the country. And Canadian work experience along with the Canadian degree will be a pathway to being a permanent resident. After the student graduate, they need to apply for PGWP after receiving their last marks. In the long term, Canadian work experience gained through PGWP helps international students succeed in PR in Canada

Colleges and universities in Canada we represent

  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Royal Roads University
  • University Canada West
  • CodeCore College