Bijay Shivakotee
When it comes to applying for higher studies abroad, students should have access to information for making rational decisions. Mr. Bijay Shivakotee has been lobbying with industry stakeholders for 24 years for the same.

Educated in the USA, Mr. Shivakotee has collected the wealth of experience in market research and enriched with special characteristics of market for counseling students. Moreover, he is also one of the very few sought-after professionals and probably the first IELTS, PET, TOEFL, SAT, GRE & GMAT tutor in Kathmandu. His unique art of instructing has made him conspicuously stand out as an instructor, not to mention his appreciable experience of having taught the aforementioned since the spring of 1996 A. D. Hundreds of thousands of his students have finished their graduate programs a long ago from the USA, Australia, Canada, and other countries abroad, some of them have just finished, and some are about to finish.

His emphasis on proper planning, training, setting standard for job roles and responsibilities, and laying a defined process of work has helped to build a solid foundation for quality service at Westford Education.

Chief Executive Officer
Ms. Chintu Shrestha, with an attribute intrinsic to a counselor, has 15 years of experience as a sought after abroad study counselor. Graduate in Business Marketing and Sociology, she has profound knowledge not only in social perspectives in higher education, but also in the business pertaining to educational sector.

Ms. Shrestha’s skill at understanding the students’ interests, affordabilities, and prospective demands of intended programs by the time they graduate in addition to her delivering authentic information has remarkably benefitted many students. Her enjoying the deadlines and being meticulous about every single case, Ms. Shrestha is considered one of the best counselors by Nepalese students wishing to study abroad.

Mr. Prem Basnet is a well known professional in the educational consultancy business in Nepal because of his amicability and humility in addition to his experience long enough in this field. Mr. Basnet is associated with Westford Education since its inception in 2013.

Passionate about connecting with students, parents, and staffs, He is good at overseeing all the administrative duties at Westford to keep office running smoothly and provides leadership on both ordinary days and in times of crisis.

Budgets, logistics, schedules, disciplinary actions, evaluations, and public relations fall under the purview of Mr. Basnet. He also has a hand in matters like planning educational seminars-both indoor and outdoor, ensuring students’ satisfaction, advising marketing department, overseeing the quality of tutorial classes, and assigning tasks to the staffs.

Chief Counselor

Mr. Pramod Dhungana is a well-known study abroad counselor in Kathmandu. He has been counseling students on their prospective study abroad programs from nearly 200 options. He is very experienced in advising them in the selection of programs compatible with their academic curriculum, interests, and concerns, and guide them through the application, acceptance, preparation, departure, and re-entry stages. He enjoys communicating with students and make them understand their real and perceived challenges in regard to study abroad. In addition, he is more than happy to answer inquiries pertaining to education abroad from students, parents, faculties, and staffs.

Friendly and affable by disposition, Mr. Dhungana is very aware of the ethics of counseling as well as admission requirements set by the education providers. Most importantly, her distinctive professionalism is ensuring perfection when it comes to gauging the students’ financial and academic backgrounds, field of interests, and others prior to applying to the colleges and universities.

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